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The first version gathered more than 1.200 visitors, professionals from the health sector, who attended to the fair’s hall and participated in the seminars dictated in Expomed

In this opportunity, We expect to receive more than 2.000 professionals with the capacity of taking decisions about investments and purchases of the sector, at the largest health fair of the southern of Chile.

We are visited by Health Professionals, such as: Doctors, Nurses, Kinesiologists, Nutritionists, Dentists, Midwives, Pharmaceutical Chemicals, phonoaudiologist, laboratory technicians and health Technicians in general, among others.

Executive and Administrative Professionals who take decisions in the health sector, such as:
Directors and Sub-directors of Hospitals, Clinics and Services, Administrative and Commercial Managers of Hospitals and Clinics, Heads of Service and Physical Resources, Project managers, Supply and Distribution managers, Deans, career director, Academics, among others.